Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick babies

Finally we have neighborhood friends and everyone has little dogs. Yoda even has friends. The other day all these kids, their 2 dogs and my 3 dogs were all in my house. It was an event.

But today no one can come play. I am at home with 2 sick babies. Daughter has the croup and Son has walking pneumonia. I knew son was sick last night and we left AWANA early with him running a fever. Daughter was bouncing of the wall and went to bed singing. During the night I heard the familiar croup cough. I went to son's run to find him sleeping peacefully and then I heard that the croup was coming from daughter. We went to see our favorite Dr. and both got antibiotics and daughter got a steroid. Yeah for mommy. If anyone wants to adopt daughter while she is on a steroid, please feel free. It makes her bounce of the wall and talk 90 miles a minute. It does give her an appetite and for that mother will be glad. Son weighed 52 pounds today and daughter weighed 32. They are really growing up fast. Son is most sad that he is missing the Thanksgiving lunch at school today. GROSS. I told him he will get a much better one next week.


Erica Cone said...

I hope they get to feeling better!I can't believe MC and Marlee Grace weight the same! If you screw up Thanksgiving dinner, just put it on one of those divider trays and tell Tyler to pretend it is school food. :)

Bre said...

I told you MG was heavier! Wow, look at her 32 lbs.

Tricia said...

I am so sorry they are sick, but so glad that you have made some neighborhood friends, that is wonderful!

I will pray for quick recoveries!


Karen said...

Glad the neighbors are warming up to you. Hope everyone gets well soon! Luv ya!

Michelle said...

Wynn weighs 33 lbs. and Shep 36 lbs. Wow. I love Erica's comment about the divider tray. I have one you can borrow. Not to rain on your parade but now it's the weekend and you have to spend even more days with them ALL DAY. Sorry. But I hope they feel better very soon!