Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past

This is a true story. Nothing has been changed. This happened to me today.
Last night Bre and I did some major Christmas shopping. I had a rather large purchase that took up the back of my car. I came home to find Mr. Scrooge, aka husband, on the assumed position of the couch. He was not so enthusiastic about hiding Christmas presents and broke the news to me that I would be going somewhere in the morning to hide the large purchase. So I left out at 6:30 am to run and hide a present. I called Mikey Fresh and he said he thought I should take the gift to my childhood home that no one really lives in. My childhood home is a little spooky. It was built in the 1900's and has a bit of a history. My dad's grandfather raised 3 boys and 1 daughter in that house. He was a farmer and Kent Dairy Farm was started there in that house. When I was little, I asked my mom if I could move my bedroom in the front bedroom. Mother quickly told me, "you don't want to sleep in there, PaPaw Kent died in there." Nice. He really did die there and my mother would tell me that frequently. Needless to say, that room really spooked me.
So after a good run at the gym, I was at my childhood home pushing what felt like a 400lb present through my old dining room. This house stays pretty closed up but is full of furniture and looks like it is still lived in. There is even a cat still at the location. Mikey Fresh told me to put the present in the front room which required me to slide this load a long way. When I approached the room where I can see the front bedroom, I notice it is set up like a office. There is a desk with a big leather chair. About that time, I notice a man sitting in the chair with
a red shirt on and a big straw hat. His back is to me and I can not see his face. I drop the present, wet my pants and freeze. I felt the breathe leave my body. It is Papaw Kent. A man I never met and a man I always knew about. I ran so fast out of that house. I locked the door and by the time I got in my car I was crying. I quickly call Mikey Fresh and I tell him. "Daddy, I just saw Papaw Kent. He is in that front room. The room he died in. He is sitting in that leather chair. He has on a red shirt and straw hat. He has come back to his house." Mikey Fresh, "Lulu, that is a mannequin. We got that at an estate sale. He is our secretary." I informed him the present was where I left it and then hung up on him. Unbelievable. A mannequin. My workout watch was still on and my heart rate was at 182. 182 for a mannequin. Needless to say, Husband will be going to get the present for Christmas. I will not be joining him.


Bre said...

This is one of my favorites!!

Kristi said...

You have got to be brave and go take a picture of "the ghost". I don't know if I would have told I peed in my pants. But atleast we know you didn't leave anything out of the story.
How is it you always have a funny story to tell?

Jenny said...

Do you ever really wonder if Marsha leaves stuff out? :)

Karen said...

HILARIOUS! You have to go back & take a picture! I'll go with you after the gym. I don't think I would have told either that I peed in my pants.

Mommy of Three said...