Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stamps Helps Missions

Stamps our "ranch romeo" invited us to use his other home. I spent some time asking the postal workers if they could start feeding Stamps a little more. We have lots of furry things at our house and we could use some help. I was told the post office is having hard times and that they have told Stamps to work for food. I am not really sure there is a Stamps solution and since Momma Kitty still sits beside him in the yard as they watch the sun go down. I am guessing he is ours to feed.

The United States is thankful for my service and I am sure they will send me a resolution to commend my hospitality.I mean this cute little boy sang at the Veteran's Day program and this little girl agreed to wear red for just one day! Anyway, letters are coming to a mailbox near you.

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