Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Mission Trip

What if we could go on a family mission trip? What if our kids got involved in “missions” at an early age and what would the impact be for their lives as believers? What if we are obedient as a family to God’s call for each of us to go? Matthew 28:19-20. These are the questions Joey and I began to ask ourselves over the last year. Our home group read through Radical. A book that would transform how we thought about missions. We were wanting to "GO" last year but when I experienced 2 more ankle surgeries we learned we would have to wait for God's timing.

Like most parents, we wondered how we could go on a mission trip and how would we leave our children behind. We knew we wanted our kids to go with us. As parents we try to talk to our kids about how blessed their life is and even find ways for them to serve others. However, as parents we have spoiled them beyond measure and as parents we want to let them experience different realities more than we want them to get the next new video game. Our prayer was for a family mission trip. Husband and I have never been on a mission trip and knew it was something we wanted to experience together. Then the opportunity came to go with our faith family on a family mission trip to Belize. This will actually be the second time a group from our church will take families on a mission trip.

Our faith family partners with Light of the Valley school in Belize. Our family met David Rhodes the missionary we will be partnering with almost 2 years ago. He taught my children how to eat a banana upside down or right side up but they thought he was super fun. On this trip we hope to have VBS in the mornings with the kids at our partner school. VBS is dear to my heart here at our local church and I am excited to share that with the kids of Belize. We hope to provide some training for the teachers of the school. Most have a high school education and don’t get much training as far as teaching methods and classroom management. In the afternoons, our kids will spend time in the classrooms with the Belize students and the adults will work on projects at the school. One afternoon we will deliver rice and beans in a nearby village.

We are so excited about this opportunity for each of us to be used by our Heavenly Father. Most importantly, we need your support through prayer. We firmly believe that through prayer and faithfulness, all things are possible - Matthew 21:22. As you can imagine, a trip like this requires financial support from a number of people. We will be having fundraising opportunities to help with the financial cost. We look forward to seeing not only what God has in store for us but what He will teach us through this process.

If you'd like more information about our trip, or how to make a tax deductible donation, please send us an email and please follow our journey on our blog.

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tamara said...

What an exciting opportunity for all of you! I know that each of you will bless the children of Belize. Prayers for you!