Monday, April 6, 2009

The Worry Trait

The Roach family has many trait's that are known to be dominate. I was never made aware of these traits until after I signed on the dotted line to join this family. It all became clear when I gave birth to a son who middle name is the same as his daddy, his grandfather and his great grandfather. With that name came some characteristics. Some which shall not be mentioned in such a public way. But one trait that stands out is the character trait of worrier. Don't worry Roach family, I will not name which ones of you worry the most...! Son has always been a worrier. In no way has daughter ever worried about her future or how her actions impact that future. (I know, we need to all pray now!) Son however worries about most everything. He worries if he has too much stuff to carry into school. He worries about what is in the ocean. He worries about his heart stopping "beeping," thanks to Jump Rope for Heart. Sister and I found him in the bathroom at the beach running in place trying to keep his heart beeping. He has had a type of pink eye that has lasted 2 weeks. Sister told him his eye might fall out. He asked the doctor today if it could.
But this morning he took the worrying to a new level. I sent him to brush his teeth before school and I heard him scream at me, "Are you trying to kill me?" I wonder who he is talking to. I walk in the bathroom and he is reading the toothpaste label. He said, "Read this!" I said "son it says for 6 and under to do so under are fine." He said, "keep reading!" Then it says something about swallowing too much call poison control. He then says, "I am going to die. DO you know how much I have swallowed for all these years?" I assure him that he will be fine.
I am just wondering how I can take a little worry away from him and put it in daughter.


Karen said...

LOL! Too funny!

Bre said...

HAHA!! He cracks me up.

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