Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update # 2

I look at these dimples and melt. This child use to cry when I left him. He couldn't last a whole church service without needing mommy. He still needs me but not like that...that is gone. He is about to finish his first year at public school. He is a top reader. He has never come home not on green. He loves school. He has lots of friends. I am a blessed mommy.
He is funny. He is highly competitive(wonder where he got that from?). This is after his class won tug of war on field day and he did number ones into the other classes faces. He can look at me and I see his daddy coming out of him. He is strong willed and I pray he will be a strong man one day.

He is a baseball lover. He is always game for baseball. He hit a homerun and got three outs in his last game. He got the GAME BALL. I am the momma that jumps up and down like I am running the bases with him. I don't care who you are...watching your child play ball will make you cry, scream and laugh. It makes me feel alive.

He is a big brother. A role we chose for him and one somedays he would rather not have...but he is a big brother. He can treat her like a enemy at home but let someone else be mean to her in his presence and it is over. He protects her. He makes her laugh harder then anyone. He cashes in tickets every week at school and brings her something home. She calls him bubba...

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Karen said...

Sweet! Tell him I enjoyed "talking" to him yesterday.