Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update # 3

The ruler of the house. The no more bows child. The brown eyes that will look right through you. The smartest of the house. The sneakiest of the house. And don't you worry this is her "uniform" that she must wear to all games.
She is a good judge of character. She can pick out a shady person from a mile away. This is why I can't understand why she likes AMY! JK AMY ( you have had enough bad press this week). This is her ballpark Jonah. She thinks they make ballgames worth going too.

She is also the daredevil. This is the swing ride that FRANKIE(who I hear has a Iphone and I will try to get her to the darkside of fb) let her on. I would have never. I thought she was too little but FRANKIE and HUSBAND thought she would be just fine. She met the height requirement but surely not the weight! And what did she do on the ride? She laughed.
This is her hiding from the doctor. We were there for son and she did not want the doctor to think she needed anything! So she hid. It would have worked if she could stop laughing.
I now can testify that at times my daughter would like to please me. She brought me two ponytail holders this morning and said I want pigtails! I was almost late to work but I did it! Pigtails is something! It is no bow and it is better then hair in the face! But then we regressed and she would allow no pictures. Everyone at her school made a big fuss over her pigtails so by recess they were out!


Karen said...

What a stinker! No comment on the picture of her in the car without a carseat.

Marsha said...

She is in a carseat. It is called a booster.

Karen said...

Yeah! I thought her booster had a back to it & that's why I thought she wasn't in one.

Anonymous said...

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