Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Day!

Mrs. Jenny and my favorite 3rd grade girl offering the plan of salvation in a way that only Mrs. Jenny can! Thank you Mrs. Jenny for making BIG THINGS so simple for Little People. She oozes grace and we are so lucky to have her teaching our children!
Goofing off during music time at the park. This is a city wide event and I think it hosts thousands! Our church is one of the churches that teams up with the city for this annual event. It is such an outreach and they pass out so much JESUS to those who might not know!
Busted. Daughter not following the one egg at a time rule. She is so her daddy since son and I are rule followers.

Ah, the family photo. It was cold and cloudy but the kids still had fun! I must say this has been my favorite Easter since having the kids. They are really getting the meaning of Easter this year. Daughter got salvation eggs at school and she can tell you all about it. She is a girl of details and the Easter story is full of details. She has one egg that has linen in it. She said, "Jesus was then wrapped in lemon." We tried to correct but she can not be taught by us. It is lemon. Personally this Easter has meant more to me by teaching them and seeing them try to understand the meaning of Easter.

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Karen said...

I agree. This Easter it seems like Madison is finally realizing what it is all about. But she is still excited about the Easter bunny coming. She forgot about him until I had to threaten her to go to sleep or the Easter bunny will not come. She said, "I forgot all about him coming!"