Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update #1

Our life has been very busy lately. I feel I am running on all 6 cylinders every day. Between church, dance, ball, friends, family and work we are always going somewhere. I literally grabbed my camera out of my car tonight and it had 90 something pictures on least I have been documenting! I feel the need to catch THE READERS up on the Roach Life. So update #1 is about my sweet husband. Sister got him the SHAMWOW and it was used on YODA. I thought it might just suck Yoda up but it did not. I am awaiting husband to use it on something special car that needs the baseball dirt washed off. Yoda is obviously embarrassed to let you see him exposed and wet thus not looking at the camera.
Husband is also feeling the strain of our busy life. He is fixing things around the house on a whim and in his 10 minutes of spare time. That must be why he left this on my counter like it belonged there.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hard to tell which is bigger, Yoda or the ShamWow! Too cute!