Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awesome Easter!

When asked how my Easter was I will say AWESOME. The kids were so good today even thought we got them up at 6! I got to hear 3 worship services at church. The music and sermon at our church was AWESOME. It was so great to see people lined up waiting to come in!
Jesus is ALIVE.
And then to the Brakefield plantation. Sister really out does herself for Easter. Seriously, look at the kids table. We all have goody bags she pants and makes for us. Husband had a special gift this year from Sister. Sister really has a gift for hosting and it is such a relaxed fun atmosphere.
Mother and Grandmother watching the Easter egg hunt after lunch. I am so glad it warmed up and was beautiful.
Marlee Grace talking Nana Kent into opening her bubbles.
READY to call it day husband? Yes. But he got the SHAM WOW! He has been wanting one and sister found one at Wal-Mart and got it for him. I am ready to see what he is going to use it on!


Karen said...

Love the pics! Glad Joey finally got his Sham Wow. Tell him he can wash & dry my car. Glad you had a great Easter!

Amy Leigh said...

Cutie Kiddos! Michelle needs to be a guest contributor on Martha. And let me know if the SHAM WOw is really WOW worthy, because Mike wants one, too.

Erica said...

The kids looked and Joey are pretty cute, too. :)