Friday, April 10, 2009

Little busy Bees

This sweet child had an eardrum rupture this week at school. When the nurse called he was screaming in the background. My child who would rather die then cry at school. This is him at the 3D movie, that husband is still talking about the price....
We have had more baseball. (3-0 but remember they aren't keeping score!) And more of him at first, down and ready. I get so nervous for him. I really love baseball season. I love the my baseball friends and I love watching the kids. I will always be a DIAMOND DOLL at heart.

I have been cooking all day for Easter husband ended up in charge of dying Easter eggs. Ask me how happy he was? He does not do messes or crafts. Notice he taped wax paper down and he probably said don't touch a million times. But they did it, loved it and they survived.

My Easter tradition TOMB cake. This year I gave out the recipe to all my Bible Study girls and they are all doing it with their families. You can look at Bre's and Karen's(when she post). I pray you all have a Happy Easter!

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Karen said...

I will post pictures if I can get them to load. I haven't posted lately due to technical difficulties so I just gave up.