Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ugly Cry

Daughter is really coming into herself. She has a new obsession with folding. She can fold rags, blankets, and towels better than her daddy. She has a little bit of obsessive behavior with this and likes to do it over and over. She really enjoys it...and I am glad to have the help! Son pretends he can not even put clothes in a drawer but he is not a real big crier. And if you know daughter at all, you know she has cried almost every time I have ever left her. She started church at 6 weeks and still cries every time I leave her. She cries at school and even when I am leaving her with friends. Everyone tells me it last for all of 2 minutes and it is done to make me feel bad. Well this morning, she was watching Franklin on TV. Franklin was crying because his parents left him with a baby sitter and he was upset. Mrs. Muskrat was trying to console him and she said I know it is sad when people we love leave. I look at my daughter and she is crying. I mean big tears, lip shaking, really crying. I ask her what is wrong and she says, "That is how I feel when you and daddy leave me." I melted. She is defiantly my child. I cry at hallmark commercials. I have been known to go into the ugly cry from a song. My daughter went into the ugly cry over NOGGIN.


Tricia said...

That is just precious!


Erica said...

Pitiful! Makes me cry! What a sweet girl! I know she pulled at your heartstrings!