Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mommy Brain

How is your memory verse learning going? I thought I was good. Then AWANA friend ask me my first verse tonight and I went blank. Had to look it up blank. Nice. Last week I knew this verse. Where did it go? I pray in my heart. But that is why you need to pick a verse that pertains to you and not the verse of the day. I really believe there is something called mommy brain. I mean we mommies remember so much stuff that sometimes important stuff slips out. I remember being in college and never having to take a list to the grocery store. I would remember everything. Now granted that list was a completely different list then it is now with different items (no juicy juice, goldfish, chocolate milk, etc.) but still I remembered my list. Now I have to remember, son does likes mayo and daughter does not. Son likes red toothpaste not green. Daughter likes green. Daughter likes me to wet her toothbrush after I put on the toothpaste not before. Do not cut their noodles. Leave them long. Spray butter is better then spreading the butter. Daughter needs ligths dimmed at night time with a night light, son just needs a pillow and he will sleep. Son likes his hair lightly brushed, daughter would rather die then brush her hair. Do not lay on husband's side of the bed before he gets in, he likes his sheets cold. Do not talk to husband in the morning. It never ends good. Do not really talk to son, it never ends good. Daughter likes to do all the talking in the morning. Sandy likes wetfood mixed in her dry food. Yoda just likes his food but needs one piece of Sandy's mature dog food. SO ... I forgot my verse. I lost it somewhere between what shapes to cut the sandwhiches in and which night night snack the kids want. So if I forgot your birthday, didn't call you back, owe you money, here is your blanket apology.


Kristi said...

That reminds me. . you owe me money.
Does Joey love you revealing more of his OCD qualities? When your mad at him, you should put a heating blanket on his side well before he is ready to go to bed. Nice and Toasty.

Bre said...

Too funny and SO true. Joseph is the same way about the sheets. He will freak out if he walks in and I am on his side.

Tricia said...

I completely understand... at least we can blame it on Mommy brain!

You crack me up!

Can this count as your reminder that I am coming to pick up the inflatable tomorrow after dropping the boys off? Thanks!

Karen said...

Sounds like my life, but add "Where's Trey?".