Sunday, January 11, 2009

Confessions of a lazy day

I must confess...
On Sunday's, I have known to spend the afternoon on the couch watching a marathon of reality shows. I know this is probably not what my preacher has had in mine when he tells us to Rest on Sundays but he has told us to nap. I did some of that today too so maybe that negates me marathon garbage television. :) Don't worry people, I know that is not how it works with my sins! Anyway, I think the reality shows start to brain wash you after a while. You start to think different and want things you did not want before you turned on the television. I am glad I had 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband that interrupted my television time today. If it would have continued, I would have:
1. I would have gone to the hairdresser and died my hair and added extensions.
2. I would have booked a spray on tan.
3. I would have made a nail appointment to get a "full set".
4. I would have gone to the grocery store and just eat celery.
5. I would have gone to the store and bought my summer wardrobe.

I confessed. Now I can just be me in my pj's, no nail polish, hair in a ponytail, pizza eating self!


Michelle said...

My favorite is the "full set". I can remember going with my sorority sisters to Hoover (because they didn't have nail salons any closer...does this story make me sound old?) and getting a full set. Awful!

Karen said...

I thought about getting a "full set" for the wedding but passed. I love the way they look but that's too much upkeep for my life right now!

Tricia said...

You crack me up!