Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am having blog issues this week... the cutest blog on the block shut down and I can't figure out any other background websites. This has really about sent me over the edge. This is the best I can do right now. No it does not fit. I don't like my text alignment. I don't want to discuss it.

Son told me tonight, he learned "how to burp with his mouth closed so he would not disturb anyone." I said, "Oh so you learned this at school from your teacher?" He replied, "yes mommy, I did. You are so smart." My reply, "why because you have been getting in trouble for it?" Then he went into that boy I don't know what language you are speaking stare and he never answered. Guess I do know the answer.

I took daughter to her first real dance class last night. How cute is it? So cute. I could watch her on a television. She was really hamming it up for the mirror. She didn't miss a beat. When she emerged, she had a huge grin and red cheeks. She said, "mommy, that was the most fun." I am really impressed she kept her shoes on for the whole class time.

I guess husband had enough of us. Since the mini vacation has been over, I have seen him twice before 7 pm. He seems a little stressed. Meanwhile, I am in the beginnings of my what to do with my life "now" meltdown. Daughter will be 4 on Saturday and the days of staying at home and raising babies are almost over. So what do I want to do? I am NUMB. I loved being a social worker but am unsure on how I could emotionally handle social work with two kids at home. Sister even tried and intervention asking me what I am passionate about and what are my talents. Again the same response...NUMB. Husband told me there was a place on HWY.31 offering degrees in criminal justice. NUMB. Basically, I am not in control of my life right now and the Type A in me is about to freak out. God on the other hand is in control. Any words of advice is greatly appreciated. :)


Bre said...

My baby is only 12 months...SORRY :) (LOL) I had to say it again. I love you and we will find the right job for you :)

Amy Leigh said...

I just wrote you and email that was way too long and all about me, but read it anyway! Love you!

Karen said...

I know you will find the perfect job. I will be praying for you. Love you!

Michelle said...

I gave you a few suggestions. What was wrong with them?