Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stomach Bug Go Away

The stomach bug loves the Roach house. He comes to visit every winter or early spring. He is never invited and I have this whole theory on why I think he shows up more now then he did when I was a kid. But that is a different story. He showed up Saturday morning at 1:30 am. He came to visit me first. He sent me to the doctor for shot when I could no longer take it. I can say a lot of wonderful things about my husband but when you have someone holding trash cans for you and getting you wet wash rags, thank you just doesn't say enough. I will spare you the details but it was violent. Then the visitor came back Saturday night to visit daughter. Daughter could be the smallest 4 year old on the planet and could not stand to lose one pound. She being the strong will child she is, willed her self only to throw up one time. Every time the urge came she talked herself out of it. I can say it was her will but I know God found mercy on her and me that night. He answered my prayers and did not allow the visitor to deplete her that night. It took she and I a few days to allow food back into our lives, but today I thought we were ready for the world and I went back to work at the NOOK today.
If you don't know, I work in the baby room at daughter's MDO. 35 minutes into my day and the baby I am rocking to sleep begins to throw up on me. Like 5 gallon buckets amount of throw up. Think sweet potatoes meets curdled formula. The visitor is back. I will also spare you those details of having to get a new shirt from my boss and getting rid of some undergarments. I dispose of that child and walk back into my room only to be met with another child who was full of the visitor also but it was coming from the other end. My boss kept coming by the rest of the day trying to think of what my facebook status would be today.
I find it only fitting that I had to put on a shirt that said, "I HAVE A PLAN" on the front and JEREMIAH 29:11 on the back.... MY BIBLE VERSE! I think someone is having a good time with me. You decide, is it the enemy or is it God? I really wanted to cry. But instead, I came home found undergarments and put on my running clothes. I beat my 5K race time by 6minutes! 6 minutes! Now the weather was wonderful today and I know that helped but I think venting some tension at the visitor that won't go away helped me beat my time.


Tricia said...

I am so sorry! I think I would have demanded that I go home after the 1st baby got sick on me... I will pray that you do not catch it again!

I can not believe you bet your time by 6 minutes... you must have really had some frustration to pound out! I am so ready to run again, I go back to the doctor on Thursday and hopefully he will say I can... I am afraid I have lost lots of my endurance though... I will have to build it back up.

I am acting like I am talking to you.. I will stop now or this might be the longest comment you have ever gotten :)


Karen said...

Sorry you had a bad day! Did they offer you a paid day off? I can't believe you beat your time by 6 minutes! Yeah!!!

Trisha said...

That same bug came to visit us the same day! I hate that bug! I am glad ya'll are feeling better!

Erica said...

I wish the stomach bug would go away, so you would could creat a new post! :)

Erica said...

Sorry--that would be create.