Friday, January 9, 2009

Sins, Dogs and Kids

For of those of you with weak stomachs, do not read this post. Son was asked to go to a birthday party with a friend at the University of Alabama. It was a basketball game and it was with the guidance counselor's son at his school. How could I say no? I dressed him in blue not wanting to offend the people he went with and not wanting to let anyone there think he was an Alabama fan. Well, look what happened! That is what I get for being nice and civil. I told the counselor we need to have an IEP meeting to discuss the Re-education of my child. He will need psychological help also. The caption under this photo when I got it said, "some parents might be mad!" I have determined 6 is not an appropriate age to expose your kids to other teams. There foundation is not strong enough to handle the temptation. He would have had more self control in a bar.

Since all I have had lately is sad or sick news(and son's above sins are sick news also) here is some funny news. Yoda has officially become a member of the Roach family and has now developed weird traits to fit in with us. First, Yoda does not like my hair in a ponytail. He takes it out every time. He will immediately cry and take out the ponytail holder. It doesn't matter what kind of ponytail holder, he just wants it out. He doesn't eat the ponytail holder, he just likes my hair does husband! Yoda is also OBSESSED with his little tennis balls. OBSESSED. He will drive you nuts. "Wanna play, Wanna play, Wanna play?" And he loves husband. When husband comes home, Yoda tucks his ears back and runs as fast as he can around the house. Full speed. Circle after circle. And if husband calls him, well I can't tell you the excitement. He is mending our hearts. Sandy my other dog is living it up during her grieving. She has a new bed and refuses to be left alone. She is teaching Yoda that this is her retirement home and she isn't accepting visitors at this time!
I registered son for spring ball and daughter for dance. My life is about to be turned upside down. I will see you all in May. We are going to buy ballet and tap shoes today! Daughter said,"so what shoes do I booty dance in?" Thanks sister for that!


Bre said... she didn't. This cracks me up!! Roll Tide Tyler Roach...Haha I'm kidding you know I dont care. However, that picture is priceless :)

Kristi said...

I miss Yoda. Haven't seen him in awhile.
What do you mean "your life ABOUT to me turned upside down"? It always is- I don't think you would know any other way. Just hearing about your business makes me tired.
We are about to leave to sign Harrison up for ball. I'm nervous about what I'm about to get in to.

Bre said...

Yep, Tylers' shorts. He wears them everyday!!!!

Amy Leigh said...

This is disturbing. I think he needs an Auburn intervention. He needs an afternoon sippin' on Toomer's Lemonade and shopping at J&M. He needs to head on over to a bball game on a cool spring day and throw a frisbee on Samford's Lawn. We can head over to the athletic complex and take his picture with Bo Jackson's heisman trophy. Seriously.....before it's too late.

Michelle said...

Booty music calls for no shoes.