Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to the ear infection

Daughter scared me last night when she began showing me blood on her fingers. I asked her where it was coming from and she showed me her ear. After a call to the the ever so friendly after hours nurse, we determined a ruptured ear drum or a brain bleed. I found a sub (THANKS Kristi) and got an early doctor's appointment. But I just could not get it together this morning. I was running behind all morning. I showed up at the doctor in running pants, prom 2007 shirt (thanks MOTHER) and a sweat shirt. Daughter showed up in her new Fall Festival shirt size 7, leggings and pink tennis shoes with rhinestones. When the doctor walked in, I said, "Hey my name is white trash and we have come for your free samples." She being the sweetest thing ever said, "You are not white trash. You are an active lifestyle family." However, after examination daughter was diagnosed with an abscess and partial rupture of the ear drum and a severe sinus infection. Poor baby.
We come home exhausted to find Yoda crying when he scratches his ear. I had sent him last week for his first haircut. Like Kristi, never take the cheap route. A large pet store gave him the cut but were unable to get the hair out of his ears. (Poodles have hairy ears) So I called the vet thinking he just needed to get the hair out. They told me to come right then and let them see him. Well guess what? The pet store had put a powder in his ears and then did not remove the hair causing yeast to form. Yoda had DUAL ear infections.
So Daughter and Yoda will be on antibiotic ear drops for 7 days, twice a day! If you are wondering, both cry and kick and scream and require assistance when getting the drops. I was going to post a sick picture of them both but I am too tired. So send some little ear prayers our way.


Tricia said...

I am so sorry, I will be praying...

I wish you were next door so I could talk to you when you go out to get your mail :)

Kristi said...

Everyone loves your straight forward honesty- even doctors. I am so sad Marlee Grace AND Yoda are sick. Nurse Bailey wants to come check on them. We will pray they will feel better quickly and be more cooperative with the drops.

Don't take my Yoda to the big pet stores anymore. Tell Joey to spend the big bucks on him.

Michelle said...

As you know I spent 3 hours at the pediatrician yesterday. Twins both have a sinus infection so we got antibiotics for both. This morning Wynn woke up asking for his medicine because the boy loves him some medicine. I made him eat first but then gave it to him. Then I tried to give Shepherd his but he ran. I laid the medicine dropper down and ran after him. When I came back, the medicine dropper was empty and Wynn was sitting beside it. I asked him if he took it and he said "Yes, I'm very sick." Great! I guess I won't give him his second dose today since he's already had it.

Karen said...

Hope your babies get well soon!

Michelle's boys crack me up! I'm sure that will be Trey in the months to come.