Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Orleans Review

Husband and I had a short trip to New Orleans for his work. I was along for the ride. After shipping off Yoda (thanks Kristi), giving instructions for Macee and Sandy(thanks Karen), and dropping off kids (thanks Meme and Papa) we were on the rode. It was so much fun to be alone with my husband in the car for a long drive. We listened to a Rick and Bubba CD first and laughed until we cried. We never get a chance to talk and it was nice to have a conversation. Husband even chimmed in the conversation. I can't give you all the details of the trip but here is the review and the highlights.
Food: Not so great. I still like Sea and Suds gumbo the best.But the dining experience: Nothing compares. I mean look at our little cafe we ate lunch.

Atmosphere: Well it depends where you were standing and who was around. But at any moment I could fall in love with the city buildings, shops and music playing.

Working Out: I like to run at the beach but I don't get very far. It is hot and the sand makes it very difficult. At our hotel I was able to run and then do some strengthening exercises by the pool on the top off the building! ALONE. I can't tell how much I needed the ALONE part. But the best exercise was walking five miles holding husband's hand around town.

Celebrity Experience: I heard I missed a sermon today on being in love with celebrities. Hate I missed it but I was able to find the Jolie Pitt house. No sign of them. No sign of any paparazzi either. But I did touch their house and I did not go through their trash. WHICH WAS OUTSIDE. Notice the American Flag and the United Nations Flag.

Overall the trip made deposits into the love bank.


Karen said...

Glad you had fun! Bet it was hard to not go through their trash!

Mommy of Three said...

You guys are soooo cute!!!