Monday, October 6, 2008

Nazi's, Mini Trip and Movie

Back to the food nazi's today. My thirty days was up and they were waiting. Down 4 lbs. Total weight loss - 23.6 lbs. They were not ugly today but I do have to fast the next two days. Talk about ugly. Don't call me on Wednesday. It won't be pretty.

However Thursday should bring some real joy. Husband and I are dropping off the kids in GVILLE and going to New Orleans for the weekend. Husband has a "job" down there and I am along for the ride. I will be on another job. I will be trying to scope out the Jolie-Pitts! From "the very credible source" the Jolie-Pitts are back in the big Easy.

On a completely other note.
If you have not seen this movie, go see it. Husband and I went Sunday. Our church rented the movie theater and we really enjoyed the movie. It is a good date movie. I have not seen a movie like this in a long time. The message was clear. I can only imagine how many marriages or lives will be changed because of this movie. And Kirk Cameron. Oh, I still love him.



Karen said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You are so dedicated, even after surgery! I am sooo jealous of your weekend getaway!

Tricia said...

Enjoy your weekend away without the kids! How wonderful!

I am so proud of you for your weight loss! Will I recognize you when I see you again??

We are going to see the movie this weekend! We have a free babysitter so we are taking advantage of it!!