Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Sandy

Please lift up sweet Sandy in your prayers. She had a stroke sometime in the night last night. She could not move her back two legs. She would not eat or drink. She is at the vet and getting medicine to hopefully reverse the symptoms of the stroke. The vet called tonight and said she had eaten after getting the medicine. We still don't know about the use of her legs. The kids were really upset today. Macee died not even six months ago. Sandy will be 14 this year and has lived a long life. She misses her dear friend. As for me the mommy roach . . . I am just kind of numb.


Kristi said...

Marsha- So Sorry to hear about Sandy. We will definitely be thinking and praying for her.
Let me know if we can do anything.

Erica said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you get good news from the vet tomorrow!

Amy Leigh said...

Oh Marsha, that is awful. I hope & pray that sweet Sandy will be fine and back at home soon so that Yoda can drive her crazy ;-)
If I could, I would bring Sandy home safe and sound for your bday present!!

Bre said...

Sending up prayers for all of you. Love you!!