Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little happy

I needed to post a happy post. Tired of being sad when there are so many other things to smile about. Like Sister and I have 5 kids that are all without swimmies! Look at Shep in this picture! This makes me smile.
I had to take daughter for a recheck of her eyes. Poor Tyler ended up being checked out by the eye doctor due to allergies and constant red eyes. He had his eyes dilated and eyelids rolled up. He did not cry or panic. Then he sported these glasses all day. He and husband even did my grocery shopping with the glasses. Husband said he looked over and son was just pushing the buggy wearing his glasses. I wish I did not care what people thought of how I looked. This makes me smile.
Told you all day he wore these things. Notice he is now big boy and sleeps with no shirt like daddy. To quote the Brakefields....suns out, guns out. This makes me smile.
People thought I was crazy when I got another dog this past fall. I am so thankful husband let me. Because now we just have one...Yoders. He seems just fine being king of the house. You should know he is on husband's side of the bed with tennis ball not too far out of his reach. This makes me smile.

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Karen said...

Happy times! Tyler wouldn't take the glasses off while playing at my house either.