Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Lunch

Scene: Me and daughter eating supper by ourselves at the dinner table tonight.

Daughter: Mommy you should be sad when you eat.
Me: Why?
Daughter: You should be sad every time you eat for the next few weeks.
Me: Why?
Daughter: Because Jesus is eating his last lunch with his friends.
Me: His Last Supper?
Daughter: No last lunch with his friends. He is in a room with all his friends. They are eating bread and juice. It is like his body and blood.
Me: Did Mrs Jo tell you this story today?
Daughter: Yes and it is sad. Jesus will die in a few weeks mommy. It is called Easter.
Me: Well He already died.
Daughter: No mommy. I am trying to teach you. I will tell you the whole story on Easter.


Bre said...

Gives me chills. Bless her precious little heart. I'm so glad you have a girl to keep me informed about what Carter is learning at school. I asked him and he said its a secret and I cant tell you...OK.

Karen said...

So sweet! She's a smart little girl. Can't wait for her to tell me the story!

Tricia said...

That is just too precious!


Amy Leigh said...


Erica said...

Such a smart, sweet girl!