Monday, March 30, 2009

Ball Time

My big boy is back at it on the baseball field. He has probably grown a foot since last season and looks so tall and skinny out there! How cute are little boys in their baseball uniforms? My grandmother will be the most excited to see him in his Atlanta Braves outfit. We had his first game tonight and son had a huge fan base. So thank you, the Brakefield army, Nana, and son's kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Thames just came walking up. I thought she was there watching her child but no, she came to watch son. He told her he had a game at 7:00 and if it was not her bedtime, she could come. How sweet is she to come watch him? I wish she would move up to first grade. Husband is back out on the field assisting the famous KAINE MARTIN. We really love this time of year. It is crazy and we are always on the go. But it is the most fun to be at the ballpark. I love watching and cheering for the kids. And you see everyone you know at the ballpark . . .LIKE MOLLY! The kids were so excited to watch Molly play tonight. Daughter was in awe! I know she will be wanting to play before long. Good Stuff.

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