Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Dolls

Being a parent is not at all what I thought it would be. I can remember being a little girl and pretending with my baby dolls. They always did what I said. They never talked backed. they never cried or needed anything. They only did what I made them do and for this reason we should never buy our little girls dolls. I think people have learned this over the years and now have invented annoying baby dolls. Daughter has these dolls that cry, crawl, poop, pee and need to be fed. I asked daughter the other day why she wasn't feeding her "eating" babies. She told me, "I get tired of feeding and cleaning up the mess. So I turned the baby off!" I laughed out loud. All those annoying baby dolls have a on/off switch.
Lately, my sweet little girl has been 4 going on 16. If I have wanted her to do something, it has not happened. If I have drawn a line, she has crossed it. I remember 4 with son. I remember I told others he would not make it to 5. My daughter lost all her babies this weekend. The babies she plays with everyday, all day. I have punished her and taken away things but never her favorite thing. She lost babies for 3 days. DEVASTATION. I now know why my mother said she did not like punishing me. I have missed those annoying baby dolls even if they are from the devil.