Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Peggy Sue Facts

1. My mother decided we would paint our metal swing set smurf blue on a windy spring day when I was about 8. I remember after gasoline was poured on me to remove the paint, she decided it was not a good idea.

2. My mother convinced me to let her wash my hair in eggs to make it shine. She then rinsed it in hot water and therefore cooking the eggs in my hair.

3. My mother also mixed a solution of tide with bleach and vinegar to get chlorine out of my hair. It provided a volcano effect but goodbye green.

4. My mother once brought home A CAN of beer that was confiscated at the high school to wash her hair in and not to drink.

5. My mother took me to a hairdresser two days in a row to get a perm. I wanted to be ANNIE. I came out with a fried ANNIE look. After my teacher called my mother, and explained I had taken a toboggan to school to hide my hair, she decided we had a problem.

6. My mother could be found on any given night with cucumbers or other kitchen ingredients on her face. She also drinks apple cider vinegar and honey every morning.

6. One night my mother made me sell programs to get into a play downtown. We ended up seating in the peanut gallery and could not see. Only to almost die on the way home at Malfunction Junction. MEMORIES!

7. My mother makes the best spaghetti sauce known to man and I blame her for my addiction to that entree.

8. My mother let me drink Dr.Pepper for breakfast and eat Twinkies and was" just glad "I was eating. She would let her grandchildren do the same!

9. My mother has helped many of teenage high school girls survive breakups and friend fights with a Dr.Pepper and chocolate. (She works at my old high school)

10. My mother believes every old wives tell that has been told. Getting cold, makes you catch a cold. Starve a fever, feed a cold.

11. My mother and warm salty water are a deadly combination. If she can hear me sniffle or thinks my throat is scratchy, I get the gargle with warm salty water speech. When I was pregnant with son, I had a horrible sinus infection. The doctor told me to use a saline solution to snort. Mother made a deadly combination and the screams of warm salt traveling to my brain was heard around the world. She really thought she killed me...I believe the hole in my brain is still there!

12. My mother has cleaned every house I have ever lived in, she can't help herself.

13. My mother was smart when she gave sister and I the same initials. What she saved on monogramming was priceless.

14. My mother and I have been known to buy large objects that don't ever fit in our car. It usually ends with a foreign speaking individual and some rope.

15. I would say one of my all time favorite memories of mother was when she and I spent the day at Lee County Public Lake fishing. Just me and her.

16. My mother was in the room for both of my children being born and even husband would tell you, we needed her there! Even though she kept asking all the doctors how old they were and was telling me how dirty the room was!

17. My mother has taught all the grandchildren what ice cream is and what Ziploc bags were meant for...if you need a snack, she has a Ziploc bag waiting just for you.

18. My mother will still ask me if I want to borrow her curling iron before we leave to go anywhere. She really wants to roll my hair.

19. My mother and I talk sometimes up to 6 times a day.

20. My mother still believes in me, cries with me, loves me and prays for me daily.

I love you mother and pray that this too shall pass.


Daddy Roach said...

#19 - Up to 6 times a day should read "at least 6 times a day". And even I get sent home with a ziploc bag of something when I leave Mrs. Peggy's.

Bama Belle said...

Precious, you had me laughing and crying! How adorable this post was!!!! Kiss the children for me.

Amy Leigh said...

Love it. Love Peg. Love you.

Frankie G. said...

Yes, I am posting from school! :) Mrs. Peggy always gave us chewable vitamin c when we were getting a cold in high school!
Love her!

Bre said...

This made me cry!! What a great post and I too love Peggy and know that God is holding her hand through all of this! We are praying for you!!!

Michelle said...

I am hysterical at what Frankie said! Great post. I'll have to add to it with some more funnies.

Kristi said...

Mothers are the BEST. I know your proud and thankful for yours. Lots of prayers to her.

Karen said...

Love it! I was laughing & crying! We are praying for her & you.