Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Son : Daddy why can't you go to the beach when we go?
Husband: Because daddy does not get spring break as vacation like your momma.
Me: If you are jealous, I can get you an airbrushed thirst.

I am almost 32 and I am going on Spring Break. Friends, life is good. I still get Spring Break. Husband needs Spring Break. We all do. A time to catch up, let loose and be free to do what we want! No alarm clocks. A break to say we survived the winter crud, the annual winter stomach bug, the snotty noses, the it's to cold to go anywhere days... So if you do not get Spring Break, I will celebrate extra for you.

I will be unplugged for six days and this will be a record. I keep telling the kids, there will be NO NOGGIN. I am not sure they understand. I pray I wear them out so they don't notice. I know these days are priceless and I will miss this one day. One day they will be bringing friends on Spring Break and not want to hang out with me.

I had typed the previous post Sunday night not knowing 30 minutes later I would be tested on CONTENTMENT. I have had a day. Daughter has bronchitis and I got nothing I thought I needed to do today done. But it could be worse. I am beach bound!

To be continued....


Karen said...

6 days with no internet, cable or! Glad it's only 2 for me. :) Maybe our cells will work if we hang off the front porch when the wind blows just right. Sorry it was a bad day! Thanks for helping with the kiddos. I don't think I could have waited another week to have that test done. I would have gone crazy! You are the best!

Tricia said...

I hope you have fun! And I really bet you will enjoy being unplugged... sometimes I get so sick of technology!