Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is what goes through my head

1. I am going to husband's work for lunch tomorrow. Seems I was able to take a bunch of Engineer's money in the football pool. Let's just say, I have skills in ways people just don't know about! I am taking a fruit pizza to make all the men feel better about giving a woman their money.
2. Every morning taking son to school I pass a house that put up their own street sign that says something like Frank and Debbie Ln. How much do those people love each other? Who bought the sign? Was it a present?
3.Is it bad I can buy five hundred people Christmas gifts but I can't think of one thing to buy my sweet husband? I could have easily bought him something by now but he put a money limit on it.
4. The photographer (like a zap guy)from the Jingle Bell Run emailed pictures of me from the race. I will not be sharing. I think I run like Phoebe off of Friends.
5. Why do people put Christmas decorations on their cars?
6. What will I do with my husband being off for so many days at Christmas? I think we must go to the beach for a change of scenery. At least for New Years.
7. For Erica:
Yes we still love Macee. Son thought she was cold and put one of his USA t shirts on her. This is her sneaking (all 100lbs.) on the couch to look at her friends on face book.
8. Husband still is Scrooge. I think it is funny that I plug in all the Christmas lights and go to bed first. Then he has to unplug. He is way to OCD to leave them on and prove a point.
9. I love getting the mail at Christmas time and checking out everyone's cards.
10. Went to see Santa. Their was a family in line ahead of us. Kids in braces. 13 plus. Momma fixing their hair. Son in sweater vest. Please tell me when it is time not to take the kids anymore. I felt bad when Santa moaned as the boy sat in his lap.
11. McAllister's at a mall is nasty and takes to long.
12. I can't wait until Christmas morning. I am so thankful God let me be a mother and experience all I will experience with them.

That's all I got.....


Karen said...

I know the sign you are talking about. I have always wondered where it came from.

I will not be sharing my race photos either. What a look!

Do I need to take down your outside decor since I was the one to put it up?

What's up with the antlers & red noses all over people's cars? Too much!

Don't forget to Trey proof your house for tomorrow night! :)

Erica Cone said...

I am so proud of you for allowing Macee into your blog world! She looks like such a sweet pup! I may bust up your lunch party tomorrow. Joe gave me a sympathy invite. We can't all be the cool wife who wins the football pool!