Friday, December 26, 2008

Freeze Frame Christmas

Well it has been a world wind of a week. Husband and I feel like we just lived out the movie Four Christmases. But we had a wonderful time and our favorite Christmas as a family yet... no diapers, no bottles, no naps, no worries....just fun. Here is our Christmas portfolio.Of all our "quality time" together...this is the best family photo. Just Sad.

Daughter showing MEME how to booty dance in Greenville.
I make the ROACH'S play games. They love it despite the comments they make. Here is husband, Aunt Kristi, Jonathan and Avery playing wrap the present.
It is on! Easy Bake. The power of a light bulb never tasted so bad.
Husband about to loose his holiday cheer over the singing snowman daughter has found.
Alex and Tyler delivering Christmas cookies to the fireman.
Daughter freezing at the fire station.Cousins and Paw Paw.
Saddest and proudest moment of the week. Son read Twas the Night Before Christmas to all of us on Christmas Eve. I always read it to the kids but this year he wanted to and he did!

Before the Candlelight service at church. I let the kids go in their Christmas PJ's. Meme and Papa got to come and spend the night. The kids loved it and husband and I did too.
Sweetest moment. Papa Roach reading the Christmas story from the bible and the kids coloring their manger scenes before bed time.
Christmas morning....the Wii is in. Son wanted it last year but Santa had no luck. It arrived and took over our family.
The Barbie Jeep. Daughter's first words, "it is not a pink car!" So now she calls it her "Pink car Jeep." In our defense, she changed her Santa order to a car....leave it to the girl to be unsatisfied. I think she will live.
Sister was dying for her to open this ... meet JENNY. They are like PEAS and CARROTS.
Cousins with Mother and Grandmother and Millie.
Jen, me and sister surviving Christmas lunch... PJ party came later.
Uncle Wesley (Brother-in-law's brother) turned 30 on Christmas Day. All the kids love crazy Uncle Wesley. Daughter adopted him as a dance partner.
Princess got some princess skates and she loves the protective gear it included. Safety First.

Son owns the Wii. Husband is so mad that son spanks him at all the games. Yoda is trying to get to all the chocolate on the coffee table. He is scared of Wii activity.
Sweetest picture. Daughter whispering in her daddy's ear during Twas the night before Christmas. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I pray the new year brings you blessings and prosperity. Thanks for sharing in the ROACH life this year.


Kristi said...

Your nicer than me. I would so return the Easy Bake oven. Love the pic of Joey with the singing snowman. You captured the infamous look.

Karen said...

Love your pics! Looks like it was a great Christmas!

Bre said...

I am cracking up at the picture of Joey with the singing snowman, CLASSIC Joey pic, I love it :) Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Tricia said...

I am so glad you all had a great Christmas! Ours was good too, I think it was the most laid back of all we have had and that made it wonderful!! Hopefully I will have time to blog about it later...


Michelle said...

Where was I when you took the picture of all the kids with mother and grandmother?
I love the pic of Papa Roach reading the bible.
I don't think MG was as excited about my doll as I was.
Where are the pajama party pics from that night? Maybe you didn't take any because you were on the porch.

Erica Cone said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!