Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flashes of our life..

I have so many ideas for blogs lately but no time to write them. So here are some flashes from our so called life. Son is always a source of amusement. He now will try to get out of trouble by brushing his own hair in the morning. He thinks he looks so good. His new thing is to put on daddy's deodorant and smell like a man. I am sure it is a little much for the ladies of kindergarten but he thinks he is so cool. I even cried one day this week when I dropped him off at school because he did the "fast walk, I am so cool walk" into school. Wow, how did he get so big?
Gingerbread houses bother me. This year son had to make one out of cardboard for school so daughter wanted one just like his. Son decorated his at school and when daughter saw his invention she had to do hers that day too. I changed their clothes, gave them icing and candy and then went in the attic to wrap Christmas presents. I don't have to tell you that the kids could not sit still that night. The amount of sugar they ingested could have killed a normal individual. I am sure all you perfect mothers would have sat there, endured the mess, limited the sugar intake but me . . . I just let them have fun and got out of the way.
This year LELAND is our new Elf friend. This was the morning he came. He is great fun and so much fun for son. Daughter has told son on several occasions he is just a stuffed animal and she told him if he wanted a stuffed animal she has a whole basket of them in her room. You can tell in the picture she is not that impressed.
Being room mom... word to the wise. No heels at Christmas Parties. My feet feel bruised. But I am thankful that son was so sweet to me at his party. I heard him telling his friends, "My mom is the best reindeer ornament maker in the whole world." I could have melted right there. Daughter would never say something nice about me.

My only complaint at the party was the dad that checked out his older two kids to come to the "party!" I had a 10 year old eating all the food for the little kids and making the crafts. It got on my nerves. Husband had the day off to help with pick up of daughter and I was glad I was not trying to entertain her at the party. Her party and "Performance" is tomorrow. Will update soon.


Erica Cone said...

I love the pic of you and Tyler!

Karen said...

Sexy momma in your boots & dress! Great picture of you & Tyler. What a big boy! I would have cried also.