Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday CHELL

Sister is the big 36 today. Daughter told her Sunday she was as old as dirt. She really appreciated that comment. Today she needs some love. Her and brother in law are at POPS funeral. (Michelle big cheese and me in my bonnet.)
I was talking to a friend the other day and she said, me and my sister aren't as close as you and your sister. I have some friends say, I wish I had a sister. Well, I know I was blessed when God gave me my sister. Mother said from day one, she wanted to protect and mother me. There are pictures of her feeding me and holding me all throughout my preschool years. I don't remember me ever feeling like I was bothering her. She let me share a room with her until I was way to old because I was scared of the dark. We would stay up at night and talk in the dark until one of us would fall asleep. I remember us getting an Atari for Christmas and she saying, "I can't wait to play this with you!" She took me on many dates. I remember going to the movies with her an her date and then "riding around" and eventually I would fall asleep in the backseat and her date would carry me in. (Us with Terry Bowden)
Those are sweet stories but the REAL stories are the ones when I would cry because my friend was mean to me and she would listen. Or the first time I ever had my heart broken and she came home from college to be with me. Our most important conversations were held around the bath tub. She would take her bath first and I would take my bath next. We would stay in there and talk the whole time. We have often laughed that our husbands do not enjoy our tub talk. And now as we have had our own kids, we enjoy not talking during that time. But I can say, I learned many a life lessons sitting in that bathroom with sister. (Us para sailing... she was terrified and she was singing Amazing Grace)
Husband called my parents when he wanted to ask their permission to marry me. They replied yes and that was about it. Sister kept him on the phone for an hour. There is not many moments she has not shared with me. But night and day we are!
(At my college graduation, me in hippy sandals and her in pantyhose and a suit.)

I think this was the photo taken right before she got the glasses with her name on them. I was in a play and this is sister with my old preacher and Nana Kent. So this is to you sis . . . you can repay me when you learn how to work a scanner.


Bre said...

LOL... LOVE it. You are so sweet and thoughtful. I love both of you and Happy Birthday Michelle! I wish there was one with the famous glasses.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! Love you!

Kristi said...

Nice pics. Of both of you.
Happy Birthday Michelle!!

Karen said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday Michelle!

Amy Leigh said...

You are having fun with the scanner! Very sweet!!!