Saturday, October 1, 2011

She is

Daughter and I got to sit in my dad's seats at the last Auburn home game. We let son take a friend and the boys sat down below. She thought that these seats rocked. You could "get what ever you wanted to eat and they had good soap in the bathrooms." But if you asked her the best part of her day...she got to eat peanuts! Since her brother is allergic, cracking open a peanut provided the most entertainment. She is getting bigger longer by the minute. She loves school. She is growing into a little girl. She got her ears peirced. She is taking baton. She can still play tackle football with the boys and throws the baseball as hard as most boys her age. She has lots of words. She dances through life. She is busy. She is complex. She is drama.

She is exactly who God made her to be.

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