Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This will not make you cry, well maybe.

This baby will be picked up next weekend. Her current momma sends me pictures like this... It makes me want to drive right now and go get her.

Oh my, she is so sleepy. She needs me to rock her and give her a bottle. Oh wait, different baby. Fur included.

I think she smells the bacon we cooked for supper tonight.

Oh my goodness. I.AM.IN.LOVE.

She still needs a name.

If you pick the name I will send you a basket of sweet potatoes.


Michelle said...

Louise, Ethel, Lucy

Amy Leigh said...

sweet potato. Cammy. Chizik. shug.

J-Mo said...

Dixie, Scout, Auburn, Magnolia(Maggie or Nola), Autumn, Tallulah(LuLu), Blanche, Bonnie Blue(Rhett and Scarlett's daughter), Lila, Mitty, MayBelle, Florry, Juno, Della, Celie, Nellie, Scarlett, Ellie. Congrats on your new addition let me know when I can come smell her breath.

tamara said...

You should name her Sweet Taters, and then you should bring her for a play date with Buddy Love. :) I want to hold the baby!