Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep ' Em There Highlights

I am still trying to find words to describe this event to people who ask me. It started as a conversation in a room with just a few people. God grew it into a few hundred people event. I think this is the moment I looked up to see the clouds clear and the sky opened with bright sunshine. People were just flowing down the back yard and I began to cry. God doesn't have to use us for His purpose but He does. Last night He used not just me but He used hundreds of people for His glory.
In second grade, I had bad hair. My mother took me to get 2 perms so I could be like Annie and my best friend Katie. I had fried hair. My hair grew after recess so I would wear a toboggan. My sweet teacher convinced me to take off the toboggan and loved me with my big hair. That sweet teacher is the mother of one of the missionaries we are trying to Keep in Africa. Having her sitting on my lawn as we celebrated her baby in Africa was another tearful moment.

The music was the best I have heard in a long time. I seriously could have listened to them all night. These group of guys made a song just for the event and are allowing all that came to the event download it for FREE. For those that don't know husband is a blues lover. He and his buddies were in blues band in college and I am pretty sure this is partly why husband was so happy last night. Well that and Kevin said yes to sharing in driving the tractor.

There were hayrides that sometimes did not seem so safe but God provided and to my knowledge we did not lose any children in sink holes, off trampolines or under trailers.

These were my parking attendants. They fit hundreds of cars in the "front yard." Thanks Boys!For the few good baptist that followed the rules and parked across the street or at the bank you will get a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. I am so kidding but that would have been nice. To my home group peeps (plus Kev and Frankie) you are like my family. I read this quote: " The purpose of fun is to live it." You make me live it.

1 Corinthians 4: There are different kinds of gifts but the same spirit distributes them.

I watched so many people use their gifts and talents to make this event happen. I know I will forget someone but I still want to try to give shout outs! To the food peeps: if you served,cooked brought or donated the 500 hot dogs, 300 chips, 300 brownies, drinks, and ice you are all awesome! Silent Auction people who donated, worked and organized you were awesome. (The necklaces are still taking orders!) Timbali crafts people if you went to pick up or sold them we appreciate you. Light and generator boy we could not have had power or lights without you. If you brought a table, used a weed eater, dropped off buns, stuck checks in my refrigerator all week, prayed, planned, rented an outhouse, painted a sign, spread the word, brought a friend, showed up, gave money you were used and you are loved.

I look so rough in this picture, I think it was my bedtime but I can't tell you enough how blessed we all were to score Bruce. He is the most humble and talented person I have met. He brought an energy to this event and gave himself completely. I just have to figure out how I can get him back in my back yard...except this time I am going to be barefoot. But that is another story.

And then there is this Alabama boy and his wife. He called us in a room. He shared his heart about his friends. He shared his heart about Africa. He called us to action. And I forgave him for his crimson and white, and Keep 'Em There was born. $5900 at the end of the night. We all said, "no way" and then we said, "of course"...God is that big.

It is simple. The Clyburns and McAdams are doing what God calls us all to do.

Take care of the poor and the orphans.

We are not done. Our friends need monthly sponsors. 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 100 dollars, make a commitment. Let God stretch you.

Click on their link and then click Sponsor Me on the left side!


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