Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love Her, I mean Him.

My spouse loves me. He knew me for almost five years before he made me legal. He knew I was raised on a farm. He knew I had every animal I ever wanted. If sister and I asked for an animal, we got it. Don't get me wrong, my parents said No more then they said Yes about a lot of things. We could not stay out as late as our friends and no one should call us past 8 oclock. We didn't date boys who wore hats inside our house. But animals...we had them. Dogs, cats, cows, bunnies, birds, fish, etc. I loved them all.

My husband will tell you that I email him regularly with a picture or link of an animal I want weekly. Sometimes daily. They range from dogs to pigs to goats to ponies. My favorite is that he doesn't say no but he finds a clever way to remind me who he is currently on his feeding or vet bill. He also will reply back with a "so cute" or "he looks like a bad dog." He loves me. Instead of 45 babies he lets me eventually get something with fur. Since we lost our Macee we have longed for another Big Dog. We have seriously looked into adoption but for where we live we knew we needed to train a young dog to stay by our house. I am happy to report this angel will be apart of the Roach family in a few weeks. She is a perfect yellow lab.

She needs a name.

I love her.

I mean I love him for saying yes.

And for saying yes to me all those years ago.

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