Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Year

May 22, 2010 I was busy. I was getting my childhood house ready to move into by washing with Clorox the outside of the house. Husband and kids were getting the pool ready. It is so like God that on this weekend a year later the pool is almost full of water and will finally open. I wrote in my blog here last year. People that don't see me often have often stopped me wondering if I have lived in a cast for a year. I laugh because it seems that way to me too.

I have been a part of a Saturday morning bible study this spring. Yesterday, we were discussing sheep. In the bible the word sheep is mentioned 204 times per google. God ofter refers to us Christians as His sheep. Sheep are not really smart animals. I learned lots of stuff of sheep yesterday. Sheep need shepherds to protect them, lead them, give them rest, keep the sheep together and know the sheep. Sheep will sometimes wander. Shepherds will often break the leg of a wandering sheep. Then the shepherd will splint the sheep's leg and carry it in a sling close to his chest. The sheep will then heal while being connected to the shepherd up to eight weeks. The sheep will learn his shepherd's voice and will have to depend on the shepherd for food and water to live. Talk about being hit between the eyes.

While I don't know why things happen, I know that God uses EVERYTHING to bring Him glory. I can tell you I know my shepherd's voice. I hear Him speak to me in my trail. He has given me the food and water I needed to survive this past year. He carried me when I could not walk. He gave me a smile when I didn't have one. He gave me Godly counsel. He gave me a home group. He gave me a family. He gave me friends that were his hands and feet. He gave me transportation. He gave me happiness. He gave me peace. I believe He had me in His sling like the wandering sheep. My prayer is that I will know His voice more than I did a year ago. I pray that I will be obedient to Him. I pray that others may know Him as their personal shepherd and I will be able to be used by Him.

For all of you that read this blog or who have been a part of this year long journey, I thank you.

*Sheep picture courtesy of this website.

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