Thursday, May 19, 2011

City Boy and Ketchup

Is it summer yet? The garden is planted thanks to Daddy Mikey Fresh.

Old farm joke and I apologize: A family of tomatoes was walking down the street. The baby tomato was falling behind. The daddy tomato walks over to the baby. He steps on it and tuns it into red paste and says, "Ketchup!"

City boy, husband, just had to plant these tires. Not the big garden. These old tractor tires make BLT's for a WHOLE summer!
These tractor tires are home to my tomato plants. Lately I have developed a new life saying, "I love you more than ketchup." I do love ketchup. I ate ketchup sandwhiches my whole life for afternoon snack after school. You can't love ketchup more than me. I am going to make ketchup this summer. I am going to love people more than ketchup. And when I am tired of people. . . I will eat ketchup sandwhiches.

Look at him work. I just cheered and watched.

Corn is sprouting in the garden.
Who wants to pick and grill?

And this picture makes me want to marry him all over again. A baseball cap backwards makes me think my momma will come home and I will be in trouble for having my boyfriend over. Look at those tomato plants. I apologize for all the readers I just offended.

Ketchup sandwhiches to all my Roach Readers.

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tamara said...

You crack me up... seriously, if you make your own ketchup, I must taste. And I want some ripe maters from the tire garden, too. :)