Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Our family has moved around a bit. We have called three different neighborhoods home before moving back here to my real home. We have had all kinds of neighbors. Wonderful neighbors. Weird neighbors. Run inside your house cause they are outside neighbors. Neighbors that won't speak neighbors. Best friend neighbors. Praying neighbors. This past Sunday we got 18 new neighbors. They are helping with the bush hogging. They are great neighbors but son and daughter haven't figured out the smell yet. I open the back door and I see this picture. I yell for the kids to come in and all 18 look at me. Husband is enjoying his own personal cow sound. He likes to talk cow and wait for their reply. He is learning the farm life and don't tell anyone that he likes it!

You see the garden? She is coming along and soon I will post her condition and contents. Meanwhile, my neighbors and I have alot of introductions and rules to go over. I just want them to be clear on some rules. #1 When I come out to my pool this summer, they may not moo when I take off my coverup. #2 Keep the manure on the back pasture. I am not sure closing my eyes on a float and dreaming of the ocean will have the same effect if I smell poo. #3 What happens at Roach Ranch stays at Roach Ranch!

Yes, I am talking to you missy! I think this one has an attitude!

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