Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 4 Pool Makover

Day 4 started with an early morning run to pick up a ton and half of rock. Then of course since it is Saturday and we are breathing there was a baseball game. By the time husband and his buddy got started it was 87 degrees. The objective of the day was laying rock, painting the coping around the pool and colorizing the steps. I am happy to report all projects were accomplished and I did not help a bit. The boys had some spectators.

And these special friends bring more poop to the farm.


Ask husband cause it was on both of his shoes.

Tip #1 Ask your perfectionist friend to help paint.

This man taped, sanded, wiped, sprayed and it looks so much better.

Tip #2 Paint while the old liner is still in the pool.
Look at the white edge!!
Just like new.

Tip #3 You can not shovel rocks this big.
Husband is about as broke down as me.
My fire pit area is coming together.
The rock is red but it is so dusty right now you can't tell.

Picture of the Day goes to son.
Daughter was helping husband sweep and fell into the pool.
This is the aftermath and screaming that continued for far too long.
This is also a hot shot of husband's belly.

Next will be to install the new liner and diving board.
However, since it is mother's day, pool furniture is starting to make it's way poolside.
Reserve your spot now!

Meanwhile, who can take Yoda to the groomer?
Bless his bones he needs a haircut and someone can you open the door and let him in!

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J-Mo said...

Poor Yoda... where does he need to go? Call me and I will come and take him! P.S. Pool is looking great. So happy for you.