Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gone Viral

What can help me with the last 21 days of cast life? An Aubie!

The artist is my family member. She and I celebrated the National Championship together in Auburn this year and even shared a cigar from her daddy's stash. Dian McCray is my famous cousin who has painted more important objects and more important people and places. However, yesterday she drove up to my house in her smart car armed with her tools. She completed this in less then two hours on her knees while I laid on my couch. We talked, laughed, had pizza and I was left amazed. It is really remarkable. This will be a cast I save! The saying is true, save the best for last! (But part 2 is after leaving my house her grandson ruptured his achilles and she is probably painting another orange cast tonight.)

After coming home for worktoday I found out that I have gone viral on fb and I feel FAMOUS! Look where I have been spotted! The War Eagle Reader

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