Thursday, March 17, 2011

Secrets and Horses

I can not keep secrets. I want to give the kids their presents right when I buy them. I don't like surprises. I am awful at Christmas. It is awful for me. Thankfully I have a husband who does not buy gifts and a mother that lets me pick out my gifts. Husband, he can do secrets and apparently so can my mother and sister. Yesterday I spent a long time praying and talking over having the impeding surgery earlier than this summer. Just wondering what that would work a week, what would it mean for softball coaching, kids, me, and the list goes on.
I bring up the idea to husband and he looks at the ground and says, "yea the doctor said a month." HUH? The ankle guy told husband and mother surgery would probably need to happen in a month. Mother, husband and sister decided they would let HIM tell me that Monday at my appointment.
So for days I have worried about my summer. Seems I need to be thinking about April instead.

Can any one of you by worrying add one single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27

So today I am going outside. I am going to soak up some SUN. I will brush a horse or two. Enjoy the life I have been given and face the news Monday at 3:00.


"Nene" Parker said...

Awwww you have a great support system and Marsha Kent Roach you are a special person and don't you forget it! Love you girlie!!

Denise Parker

Erica said...

Marsha, I hope your pain miraculously goes away and you are not left with any side effects! Good luck Monday!

J-Mo said...

Mama Roach,

I love you and I'm praying for you. Call me if ya'll need a good unhealthy meal or dessert.