Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peanut and Butter

There was a family that lived in a farm house.
And they did not know so did a mouse.
Until late one night the mouse ran around and played in their den.
They screamed and yelled for big guns and men.
Instead the next day mommy cried and begged for cats.
That will fix the problem and get rid of the rats!
Son would sneeze and scratch if we let the new friends inside.
So we gave them their instructions of where they could go, under the house and outside.
We would call the sisters Peanut and Butter and pray for their hunting skills.
Husband is so happy our pet list is longer along with our vet bills.


Laura said...

Hahaha I live you n'marsha!!!!!
Laura stone

"Nene" Parker said...

You crack me up girl! But you also make me smile!