Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have decided that my cast needed a name, Pinkie. Pinkie weighs about 30 pounds and is a good reason for me not to have to step on the scales this summer. I have decided that Pinkie and I have a love/hate relationship. At night when I want to roll over and that requires picking her up and moving her pillow for support and adjusting the covers because she snags everything...I hate her. But I love when I get to nap because she has worn me out. So instead of whining away all summer I have decided to get Pinkie out of the house and update you on her activities. Today Pinkie got a pedicure...LINKIN PARK AFTER back on my toes. Yes, they gave me a discount for 1/2 pedicure. Score one for Pinkie! I really feel like because I had pink toes when I fell is another reason why I should never get another color on my toes.
Husband promised the kids a trip to the pool if they let him get his yard work and housework done. Yes he is doing it all...more on that later. So the kids were so excited for us to go the pool for the first time as a family this summer. I was not going to let Pinkie keep me home alone and I broke in the crutches for a long walk. Well, Pinkie can reach 400 degrees in about 25 minutes in the sun. I sat poolside with a new book for about an hour and then I retreated to the shade. Pinkie and I took a hour nap right there at the neighborhood pool. My body is just not up to much yet and the pain pills make for good sleeping.


Shelly Powers said...

marsha, i know you don't actually know me... but i am a friend of bre's and found your blog from her blog... i was going to tell you something i saw at the beach that might make your life a little easier... there was a little boy with a broken arm and his mother ordered a blue plastic glove/mit thing that fit over his cast and kept his cast completely dry and he could swim in the pool and shower etc... i don't know if they make them for legs or not but thought i might share and you might could google and find out? i wish i knew more information about it but i don't... his mom said it was about 30 dollars. hope you can find one and get to sit on the steps in the pool. sending prayers for you and your family!

J-Mo said...

Linkin Park After Dark... Ooh La La... love your piggies. Tell Pinkie she better behave. Call if you need anything. We love you!

Nancy Clothier said...

Hang in there. I've been there (spiral fracture 5 years ago). I didn't get the cast. The surgeon said the rod was enough.
I love your humor. It' what will float you during all of this. Thanks for sharing your new friend "Pinkie". ;-) I'll have to bookmark your blog. I had a good laugh. Oh..and aren't showers lovely. Especially when you haven't had one for a couple of weeks.