Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cow Trophies

Everyone has a past.
Mine includes cows and trophies.
When your friends find your trophies...your past is out in the open and in this case on the mantel for display.
If I was interviewed about the cow trophies this would be the interview.
Q. What do you do to get a cow trophy?
A. You show your cow at fairs in a circle with lots of other people.
Q. What do you wear?
A. White pants, white button up shirt and white shoes...because that is obviously safe around cow manure.
Q. What do you mean "show" the cow?
A. You lead them around a ring and stop them when the judge tells you to. They have to stand in a certain way. Feet in a certain position and head up. Kinda like a dog show with cows.
Q. Were you nervous?
A. Yes and most of the time the cows were full grown and I was all of 8.
Q. Was it a heated competition?
A. Yes. Especially the State Fair. Someone would have to spend the night with our cows at the State Fair grounds because people might try to do something to our cows. Like feed them something to make them sick. Tough competition.
Q. What was your biggest Cow Trophy Accomplishment?
A. Grand Champion at the State Fair with Gumdrop, sweetest cow I have ever known.
Seriously. Cow Trophies.


Karen said...

I think you need to leave them out on display for everyone to see. :)

Steve and Donna said...

I don't usually blog with someone who doesn't know me- but when I saw your post about cows that caught my attention- I love cows- not that I grew up with them (I'm from Key West) but I still like them- my kitchen is cow oriented, etc.