Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pinkie Passing Out Thanks

There are not enough thank you notes for all the things people have done and given to us...so I thought I would share.
From moment one of the incident my brother in law kept my kids and dog so my sister could be by my side. This meant he had 5 kids. He also gave me a peep talk one day that changed my outlook on things. He reminded me who I was.

There were my hospital warriors: my mother, sister, husband, my dad, Karen, Shirley, Tracy, Joseph, Todd, Patti and Sammy Davis, Mary Lee, Sue and Jimmy Dennis, Uncle Don and Kathy, Bre, Amy, Kevin, Micah, and my babies. Some of these people did things for me in the hospital that I never thought any of my friends or family would have to do. I woke to people praying over me at 5:30 am in the hospital on most mornings. I have never felt so loved and blessed.

Shirley and I think Bre set up a meal website immediately. All good southern churches rally and send food to the needy! We are on week 4 of having meals delivered. My husband could not be more thrilled that food is ready when he gets in from work just like always!!

With each meal came a visit right when I needed it! I had friends of old and new walk through my front door with a smile and a hug. Most of you sat with me and let me cry and talk.

Jacyln drove over an hour to come bring me books and a hug.

John Perry (a man in our home group) brought his daughter , Nicole, and her husband, Renan, to plant flowers in my front yard to help get our house ready to put on the market. Then entertained my kids while they worked in the heat.

Karly, Shirley, Aunt Joy and Dana sent me a books to read and pass the time. Sister says I need to cross-stich like when we were little...I have not gotten that desperate.

Karen, Bre, April,Cyndi, Jessica, my mother and my sister have provided hours of babysitting. HOURS. I feel like I am pimping out my children all summer. But this is by far my greatest need and greatest blessing. From moment one I worried about my children. When my husband came around the corner of the house and saw me laying there with my ankle I said, "don't let my kids see me." Like any mother, your kids are your first thought. I worried their summer would be ruined with a broken mommy but these people have loved them and cared for them and for that I am utterly thankful.

Then there is Frankie...who woke up early to take son to baseball camp for a week. She did not have a child going but she did that for me. She took me to vote and took me and my kids to VBS for a week. It might not seem like a big deal but it required her loading a heavy wheelchair sometimes up and down my split foyer house. She did not even serve in morning VBS but drove us because she cared. But more on her later...ceremony to follow!!

Even this week Tracy, Misty, mother and sister are transporting the kids to basketball camp for me.

My home group plus Stuart showed up Saturday morning with boxes and trucks. They packed and moved 4 truck loads. What a blessing! I sat on the couch and let go of control and have never felt so free in all my life. God is working on me. But more on that later.

There have been a hundred phone calls, prayers, cards, emails, facebook messages and even more visits that have gotten me through each day. The Lord is my strength but you all are my blessing. LOVE YOU ALL

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