Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling Guilty

I have made jokes before that I should have been Catholic. I even have told my Catholic friends that I think weekly confessional time would be great because I am always feeling guilty about something. This blog has lately been all about me and Pinkie and I feel guilty for not writing about the kids. So to prove I am still being a Mommy Roach . . . here are some pics of the Little Roach's.

When they have not been pimped out to friends and Nana they have been very busy. Son had baseball camp one week which he loved. Then they both had a week of VBS. This past week they both went to basketball camp at the High School with mother! Yes, daughter went and her Carter went with her. She even got the Free Throw Award one day. Son got several awards also but they were worn out and tired by Friday. Daughter also has had ear infections for 2 weeks...good times. By the way, when she is ill...everyone is ill. Both are really good swimmers and love to stay under the water! Here is daughter with the other MG and Laura. Laura is my summer helper. She is going to help me one day a week not to loose my sanity. 13 year olds are the best helpers. She is still young enough to have fun and can provide semi-adult communication with me!

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