Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

What a fabulous weekend. I am too tired to think but I don't want to forget these moments. After finding out pinkie has to stay on until July 8th, I was in need of friend time and a getaway. So MS friends came down or over I guess. All the kids had a blast and these is the last time these 6 will be together in this kitchen. They all have grown up here in this kitchen. First it was Karen and Allen's house and then ours... we are currently making the plea for Summer and Brian to buy it and keep it in the family. Nothing says we have missed our dear friends other then welcoming them to our home and asking them to move furniture. These three boys moved our WHOLE downstairs Friday night while the girls got to play catch up. Well, Summer and I did...Karen pulled weeds.

Summer and Sarah heart already misses these two faces. You know you have a friend for life when you pick up right where you leave off. That is how I feel about Summer and Jaclyn.

Karen and Tracy had planned a trip to Ross Bridge while I was in the hospital. I had never been and was pumped. There were 9 of us. The pool was amazing and I only wanted to slap people that could go under and go down the slide. I did my first step dip and cooled off rather well.

Karen, Pinkie, Me, Bre, Kerri and Tracy.

Jacyln and Jen.

Summer, Sister and Karen.

All nine of us in our little cabana. Yes, by the time we left everyone knew pinkie and knew it was my birthday!

And nothing says Happy Birthday other then Edgar's Strawberry Cake with NO FORKS!

So many funny stories and lots of laughter. My favorite picture is KP driving me in the wheelchair. She is the fastest wheelchair driver. Summer is a hotel guru. Tracy is full of air. Karen finally relaxed with no children around and did not clean up the room. Jaclyn is still the most beautiful person on the inside and out. Bre got entertainer of the year with her mug shot magazine. And sister and Jen...well they get the music award. Thankful to have had time away because this week is moving week. So the next update will probably be from the Roach Ranch. Stay tuned.

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