Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not let my child's first day of 4k go by without a cute picture of her. I did not threaten her with a trip to the office at her school in hopes she would let me take a picture. NOPE NOT ME.

I did not take my child's teacher a gift card because I feel guilty about not being room mom this year. I would never give guilty presents. NOPE NOT ME.

I did not bribe my two year old children at the Nook with Skittles. I would never give someone else's child candy as a bribe. NOPE NOT ME.

I did not get stalked on my morning long run by a strange man. I did not then ask another stranger neighbor to follow me home. I did not go straight home but then ran 2.5 miles more because I had to get in my mileage. I would never do that and would never put more miles over safety. NOPE NOT ME.

I did not plan on meeting my friend in Auburn on Saturday and then not go to her tailgate. I did not let 6 kids and 6 adults keep me from visiting my friend because it would be too much work to get us all over there. I am a great friend and would never put my convenience before my longest and dearest friend. NOPE NOT ME.

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Amy Leigh said...

Public apology accepted. You still owe me a tailgate. And some sausage balls.