Friday, September 11, 2009


With all the flu pandemonium going on, I went for the flu shot today. I work at a preschool and children are under my care twenty four hours of everyday. I got all dressed and ready for the event and loaded daughter in the car. Daughter was most concerned why I would choose a shot for myself. I explained how I wanted to be healthy and this would keep me from possibly getting the Flu. She was not buying it. We went here to get the shot. I thought this would be better then the time I had to stand in line at 4 am for one (while I was pregnant with daughter) at our church. I had to wait for an hour on the shot and was thankful there was a toy aisle to keep daughter occupied. I was the only person under the age of 75 getting the flu shot. I was also the only person not on Medicare and was the only person not talking about Obama's healthcare plan. I was the person who had a rowdy four year old who got some not so nice glares from the Piccadilly lunch crew. I was unsure who was giving the actual shot and was surprised it was the Pharmacist. My arm has been hot ever since and I am pretty sure he hit a nerve. Do pharmacist get trained in vaccinations? In the morning, I am taking the kids to get the flu mist. Husband wanted to know why on Saturday. He really asked. I replied, so you would have to suffer with me. Hoping this is the protection we will need for a healthy winter... now as far as the pig flu goes...I am avoiding bacon and pork as a precaution.


KBF said...

Brandon got his flu shot Thurs at Walgreens on 280 from the pharmacist. He said it was the "best" shot he had ever gotten.

Why did you stand in line at 4 a.m. one time to get a flu shot?

Good luck with flu mist...Drew was more hysterical after that last year than a shot for some reason...but he's pretty dramatic. Glad you are making husband suffer with you! :)

Karen said...

Sounds like I made it out of there just in time. The girl in line ahead of me said she went to school with the pharmacy tech & they all have to attend a class to learn how to give the shot. That really didn't make me feel any better about it but hopfully it will keep the flu away.

Marsha said...

Karly, I stood in line at 4 am because that is the year they ran out of the shot and I was pregnant. I qualified to get the shot but had to go to a clinic put on by the health department. The flu mist was wonderful and the kids liked it.