Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday Party Week

My birthday celebration lasted a WHOLE WEEK. I got to have a date night out with husband last Friday night. (And I want to state for the record that was the sweetest post by him last weekend.) Shopping with mother on Saturday. My actual birthday was on Sunday. We went to church and then lunch with the family. Sunday night was a tailgate party at church. We had a Luau theme at our tailgate and fireworks afterward. It was tons of fun for the kids and adults.

Me and my sweet grandmother
Me and my babies, notice the bunny ears by daughter!
Carter, son, daughter and Madison having fun with leis.

Watching the fireworks.

My precious friend brought me a cake.

The next morning I was tired. Feeling 32. Then sister called and said come...she and her bestest friend plus family were at the beach house. I literally through clothes in a bag and left with the kids. Husband did not know when he left for work that morning, that he would not see us again until Thursday. Don't feel sorry for him. Him and quiet house had a great time. I too had fun. We had 7 kids at the beach. Lots of people passed through those doors while we were there. One night it was 7 kids and 6 adults. Sister obviously likes to entertain. My heart needs the beach as much as it needs Auburn football. I composed a little list of my favorite sayings from the beach so I don't forget the trip.

7 kids...count them!

Sister and Jen. Everyone thinks they are the real sisters.

Good times.

*I am going home.
*Should I go home?
*Jen brought ice.
*Dave brought bread.
*Every time I go to the beach with you two, I end up in the cage bed. (twin bed with side rails!)
*There is always a "beaches" moment with you two and it always involves a sweater.
*I am going home.
*There are two of us that are inappropriate.
*I am going to look at Jen's car.
*5 girls, 1 roach...roach won.
*I am going home.
*Is that chicken still on the stove?
*"Mommy can I have a snack?"...whispered.
*"No-No" the Italian grandfather who may or may not have been in prison who is now my daughter's best friend.
*The artist invited to draw with our children.
*Tacky Jacks being tacky.
*The laughs
*The talks
*The food
*The fun
*The music
*The memories
*I am going to cry when I go home.

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Tricia said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday week! I always think us girls should celebrate our birthdays for a week but James does not think to fondly of that... I do it anyway when I can!!

Miss you!